Graduate level: Master of Digital Experience Innovation

DEI 613: Digital Media Solutions 1: Design Principles and Practice

Typography exercise adapted from Thinking With Type. Within a 6 x 6-inch square, compose the text provided below in a manner that expresses its meaning. Use variations in alignment, leading, line length, orientation, and spacing. You may break the paragraph into smaller elements and distribute them within the square. Be sure to have a concept in mind as you work.

MDEI Bootcamp

Create a 1600x7200 infographic visualizing the collected data on your given topic: Gaming.

Undergraduate level, 2nd-year: Global Business and Digital Arts

GBDA 228: Digital Imaging

Explore Type and Design: Type is all around us. Take time to explore the typography of your daily surroundings. Collect photographs of type that you find interesting – be sure to photograph all 26 letters of the alphabet. If inclined you may also include numbers and other characters, but each must be clearly defined, and must fit the design of your final product. Using the principles of design, create a visually pleasing layout, that uses all 72 squares in the 1600x7200 document, and at minimum all 26 letters of the alphabet. Use the space in the bottom right corner to type set your name, making sure that it fits with your overall design.

GBDA 228: Digital Imaging

Personal Logo Design: Starting with pencil and paper, sketch out a minimum of 20 ideas for a personal logo. Revise your ideas down to your top three choices, then revise those down to your top choice. Finalize the design in Illustrator. This logo should use the elements of design, color, typography, etc. to represent who you are as a person. Use the logo to sell yourself, let your personality shine through. Do not include your name on the final logo design - let the design speak for itself.

GBDA 228: Digital Imaging

Mobile App Design: For this project we will be covering such topics as the principles of design, logo and icon design, color theory, and typography. We will also be looking at various wireframing/prototyping software and techniques for use in the final development of your app. 

For this project you will be working in teams, on an app of your choosing, that fills a gap or niche, or addresses a need that is currently missing in the marketplace.

Web Design: Complete a working website, designed for the promotion of your Mobile App.

GBDA 228: Digital Imaging

Logos for Mobile App Design projects.

GBDA 228: Digital Imaging

Mobile App Design: this project was developed to help students become familiar with the practice and workflow of app design. Each team worked collaboratively through the design process from start to finish - from brainstorming an idea to a final prototype. Students used skills cultivated in previous GBDA courses, such as Digital Media Design and Production, and User Experience Design, to help them develop a mobile app that had both solid design and function, and fulfilled the project criteria. Students worked in chosen groups of 4-5, forming a cohesive design and development team. Each team will developed a mobile app, with a focus on “social good”.

GBDA 228: Digital Imaging

Winter 2016 Course Syllabus (PDF)

Web Design Project, Winter 2015: Each team will create a working re-design of The re-designed site will become the home of the Stratford Campus’s Undergraduate Research (project currently on hold).

Web Design Project, Winter 2016: Each team will create a working re-design of the Stratford Police Services website. The final site re-design will be chosen by a panel of judges from the Stratford Police Services, and will be implemented in early 2017. (Note: the re-designed site is now live at For reference, please see the site (PDF), prior to its re-design.)